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Alumni of the Week – Samson Akpan JennyJoyce

Hey guys, we are happy to welcome you back to our exciting new stories on The Alumni of the Week series.

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Presenting our next feature for the Alumni of the week series, the diligent Samson Akpan JennyJoyce, an Alumni of the Academy.

Fun Fact about Jenny;

Jenny despite having a degree in law, saw the need to acquire a skill. She Chose shoemaking to solve her personal problem with finding good shoes in her size and also to offer her services to others who face same issue.

She signed up for our 6 months mastery footwear program.

Want to know how it all went down? Continue below.

Hi Jenny, please introduce yourself.

Hello, my name is Samson Akpan JennyJoyce.

How did you hear about The Footwear Academy?

I got to know about The Academy through Google search.

What motivated you to choose shoemaking despite having a degree?

It’s been my drive to acquire a skill despite having a degree and my mum is also a huge advocate of skills alongside degrees.

I was home for a very long time due to the pandemic lockdown, I decided that I was ready to learn a skill and shoemaking was the first to come to mind due to my own personal struggle with finding nice shoes in my size.

So my drive to learn shoemaking is first to solve a personal problem and to also offer my services to others who face same issues.

Interesting, How would you sum up your training experience at The Footwear Academy.

It was indeed an interesting experience. Coming to The Footwear Academy cleared whatever insecurity I had about the town, Aba.

The entire 6months got me learning how to make different kinds of footwear ranging from the Oxford shoe to Derby, Monkstrap, Loafers, chelsea boot etc.

The knowledge I gained at the academy was worth my stay. I’m really grateful to my tutors, my colleagues and the entire TFA team for making my stay fun and educative.

Why did you Choose to train at The Footwear Academy?

What made TFA stand out from other places I saw online was the structure it had. The structure in terms of the programs available, visible duration for each program, course outline and so on.

I am proud to say I learnt shoemaking at The Footwear Academy and would also recommend the academy to anyone who is interested.

Awesome, so what’s next for you?

My plan is to start my shoemaking business to complement my white collar job.

Drop your contact information too.

I can be reached with the number 08177384666.

What advice do you have for young people?

A skill should complement your degree. You might not know which of them would save you tomorrow. Gone are the days when we solely depend on our certificate alone, equip yourself more with a desired skill.

What an interesting story from Jenny. It was fun having you at The Academy. We wish you success in your future endeavors.


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