Jul 18, 2021 Alumni

Alumni of the Week – Iwuagwu Goodness

It gets better, it get’s more exciting sharing the amazing stories of our super talented Alumni.

We take pride in their success stories and hope to inspire the younger generation to quit making excuses and take the bold step towards pursuing their passion.

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Meanwhile, Our next feature on the Alumni of the week series goes to the ambitious, Iwuagwu Goodness, an Alumnus of The Footwear Academy.

Short story about Goodness;

Goodness desired to acquire a skill but she needed something different from the everyday norm.

Footwear production topped the list for her, she hurriedly signed up for our 3 weeks Basic Slippers and Sandals training program.

Want to know how it all went down? Continue below.

Hi Goodness, please introduce yourself.

Hello, my name is Iwuagwu Goodness. It’s a pleasure to be here.

How did you hear about The Footwear Academy?

I got to know about The Academy through an online search on Google.

What motivated you to sign up for our 3 weeks Basic Slippers and Sandals making course?

Acquiring a skill was on my top list and I needed to do something outside the usual.

The thought of making footwear crossed my mind and I loved it owing to the fact that I am a footwear lover.

I started my search online and Google helped me locate The Footwear Academy and the rest is history.

How would you sum up your training experience at The Footwear Academy.

It was an awesome experience. I had a wonderful time at The Academy.

I really learnt a lot within the short period I stayed with them.

I always looked forward to my next class because there was always something new to learn.

I really miss my stay there and I still thank and appreciate God for making TFA a part of my success story today and in future.

What were your expectations during your 3 weeks training at The Footwear Academy?

Actually, I signed up for the training program hoping to achieve the best I can.

In just 3 weeks I learnt how to make different designs of the slippers and sandals, so I can proudly say that my expectations were met in full.

Awesome, so what’s next for you?

The next step for me is to keep getting better with what I have learnt. I plan on setting up my own footwear brand “Kraft Flips”, an owerri-based brand.

I intend building the brand to be known in and outside Owerri.

That’s great, Drop your contact information too.

My brand name is Kraft_Flips on Instagram and I can be reached with the number 09012781662. I stay in Owerri.

What advice do you have for young people?

Do not wait until manner falls from above or until government gives you a job before you acquire a skill.

Start now to discover your passion and pursue it. Always make hay while the sun shines.


You’ve heard it from Goodness, Make hay while sun shines. It was amazing having you at The Academy Goodness. We wish you success in your shoemaking journey ahead.


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