Jun 19, 2021 Alumni

Alumni of the Week – Erondu Kelechi Kingsley

“The best way to predict your future is to create it – Abraham Lincoln.

Happy New Week guys, one more week and we say goodbye to June, what a fast paced month. Do well to make the best out of it.

It’s a new edition of the Alumni of the week series. Which Alumni would it be? Stay tuned to find out.

Meanwhile, here is the link to the previous edition if you missed it.


Presenting our next feature for the Alumni of the week series, the industrious young Man, Erondu Kingsley, one of our batch B student of the Aba Mastering Footwear Program.

Kingsley took his first step into achieving his dreams of becoming a bespoke shoe maker, when he signed up for the Aba Mastering Footwear Program.

Did his aspiration come true?

Let’s find out as he shares his experience at The Academy.

Hello Kingsley, please introduce yourself.

My name is Erondu Kelechi Kingsley.

How did you hear about the Aba Mastering Footwear Program?

I got to know about the program on social media.

What motivated you to sign up for the Aba Mastering Footwear Program?

I love footwear and had always desired to design my footwear myself.

When I saw the Aba Mastering Footwear Program, I queued into it because it will breathe reality into my dreams of becoming a bespoke shoe maker.

And how will you sum up your experience during the training?

I enjoyed every bit of my stay at The Footwear Academy.

The mystery behind footwear production was unveiled to me which goes from pattern making to leather tracing, final production and finishing.

Indeed, it was a dream come true for me.

Interesting, what’s next for you?

To start my footwear bespoke business.

But for the mean time, I am running an internship program at The Footwear Academy.

I intend gaining more insight in footwear production, more knowledge on material purchase and so on, before setting up my own company.

I wish to give my clients nothing short of the best, as I am learning from the best.

So what advice do you have for young people?

My advice to young people is to take skill acquisition very serious, because your handwork is what will sustain you in the rainy days.

Could you drop your contact information 

Sure, I can be reached with the phone number 08167116143.


And it’s a wrap with Kingsley. A great decision he took there. We wish you success in your shoe making journey ahead.






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