Aug 22, 2021 Alumni

Alumni of the Week – Emmanuel Favour Chisom

Good things come to those who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them.

Welcome to another edition of the Alumni series.

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Meanwhile, Our next feature on the Alumni of the week series goes to the Zealous, Emmanuel Chisom, an Alumnus of The Footwear Academy.

Short story about Chisom;

During the Pandemic Lockdown/long term sit at home, Chisom developed an interest in learning a handwork that would enable her get busy. After a long thorough online research, shoemaking got her attention the most💯💪

She signed up for a customised 6weeks basic shoemaking course to suite her needs.

Let’s hear from her as she shares her shoemaking experience at The Footwear Academy.

Hi Chisom, please introduce yourself.

Hello, my name is Emmanuel Chisom Favour, It’s a pleasure to be here.

How did you hear about The Footwear Academy?

I got to know about The Academy through Facebook.

What motivated you to sign up for our 6 weeks basic shoemaking course?

Shoemaking was something I never had interest in but during the lockdown/ coronavirus period I was bored and I thought of something to learn as a handwork then I went through social media to know about best skills to acquire. After all the research shoemaking got my attention the most💯💪

How would you sum up your training experience at The Footwear Academy.

My experience during my training at the footwear academy was so remarkable.

I got to know more about shoemaking than the internet would show. I never thought I could put materials together to form a shoe, it was extraordinary🥰🥳

I really learnt a lot within the short period I stayed at The Academy.

What were your expectations during your 6 weeks training at The Footwear Academy?

I wasn’t expecting so much at first. But the Academy triggered my energy to learn more as they were eager to impact.

I really had fun making lots of different designs of the slippers and sandals. And I was satisfied with the knowledge I got.

Awesome, so what’s next for you?

My next plan is to improve more on my handwork and build a brand around it. I can’t let such skill go to waste.

That’s great, Drop your contact information too.

I can be reached with the number 09052800007.

What advice do you have for young people?

My advice to Young people is to go get a skill, no matter your degree of education. Handwork really pays.

You’ve heard it from Chisom. It was amazing having you at The Academy Chisom. We wish you success in your shoemaking journey ahead.






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