May 23, 2021 Alumni

Alumni of the Week – David Caleb

Hey guys, Feels good to have you back. A warm Happy New Month to you all.

We are excited to have you back on the amazing stories of our “Alumni of the Week” series.

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We present to you our next feature on the “Alumni of the week” series, no other than the Zealous, David Caleb, one of our Batch B student of The Aba Mastering Footwear Program.

One of David’s wishes was to have a skill in shoemaking and own a footwear company some day.

What better way to make this wish come through than to sign up for the Life changing opportunity, the Aba Mastering Footwear Training Program.

Let’s hear from him, as he shares his experience at The Academy.

Hello David, Please introduce yourself.

Hello, my name is David Caleb.

How did you hear about The Aba Mastering Footwear Program?

I got to know about the program through Mr Bentley.

What motivated you to sign up for the Program?

I’ve been looking forward to having a skill in footwear production, when I got to know about the training, i was so happy and couldn’t help but leverage the opportunity.

Tell us your experience during the training.

It was an opportunity I’m glad I signed up for.

I had no idea footwear production could be taught from a whole new dimension. TFA made sure that each and every one of us was carried along and none was left behind.

I met with intellectuals and learnt a lot from them. In all, I’m glad I was part of the training and didn’t miss out.

Interesting, so what’s next for you?

It has been my dream to own a footwear Company.

I hope to build my brand, The Footwear Engineer” gradually and up to the standard TFA taught us. Also, I wish to extend this skill to other youth who are also interested in footwear production.

What advice do you have for young people?

My advice to young people is to learn a skill to attach to their education, especially something they are passionate about.

Kindly drop your contact information.

Sure, I can be reached with the phone number 08140045182


Thank you David, we wish you all the best in your shoe making journey ahead.


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